Not everyone is gifted with the capability to write. That is the sad reality that we must endure. However, since not everyone gets to write their own book, it only makes one stay more attuned to their interests. As such, one can easily determine if an author is an interesting one.

For authors,aside from taking in their interests and passions into consideration, they also need to consider their readers. Will they find their topics fascinating? Are they going to find it worth reading?

Thanks to technology, there are already a lot of tools and services authors can use to aid in their search for interesting topics. A great example of which is kindle spy. This tool allows authors to take a peek at what niche and categories are trending nowadays.

Now that you know the trending categories, it’s time for you to choose the subject. But how do you choose one?

  1. Know your whys.
  • An author should have a clear goal as to why he is writing.
  • Ask the following questions:
  1. Are you writing for the money?
  2. Are you writing for the branding, not accounting much of the money you’ll gain?
  • Select your niche.
  • Choose whether you’ll write fiction or nonfiction books
  • For nonfiction, it’s best to focus on health, business, and self-help books
  • For fiction, try writing about romance, teen novels and women’s stories
  • However, to be noticeable on Kindle, one must learn to do the following:
  1. Choose the right keywords
  2. Choose the right categories
  3. Get sales thru free launch
  4. Get lots of reviews
  • Make a thorough research on the niche.
  • Ask yourself “What makes my book unique from the rest?”
  • Write out some benefit statements
  • What will the readers get out of reading my book?
  • Draft your outline
  • From your benefit statements, you can now start making a list of your headings, as well as an introduction and conclusion.

Everything might look puzzling now, but once you get the hang of it, writing a book will come to you naturally.