Now that Season 14 for Mu Online is just around the corner, a lot of players are now getting really hyped and just couldn’t’ wait to try on the new features offered for this season. The Rune Wizard indeed has the most interesting game plot and it would greatly help if you know the story behind it.

Based from the previous seasons, one would already have an inkling that the Season 14 should be filled with excitement, adventure and new characters. So, it’s all up to you if you are open to discovering the new features and characters offered in Season 14 or would you rather hold on and remain faithful and loyal to your player.

What Rune Wizard is all about:
Season 14 has already promised that it would provide players with new characters. However, not all players and enthusiasts may be that all accepting of the new addition to the Mu Online. But then again, if that new character has the most interesting and fun gameplay, that would definitely be a great improvement for the game and perhaps it could revive some interest to those players who may be jaded with the game or who most likely remain as nostalgic players.

Basically, in mu online season 14, the Rune Wizard refers to a half elf caught between the Elves of the Altar of the Wolf and the Noble Arkacrats of Arka. His parents had lived peacefully in a semi elite village known as Lemuria. But when he turned to adult, a war ensued between Arka and the Lemurian troops which led to their demise. Here, the Rune Wizard proceeds to Noria to retaliate. Truly, the plot is brooding with action and adventure. And it is a great bonus to also know more about the Rune Wizard including his strengths and weaknesses.