There are pros and cons when partnering with external IT companies or providers. Depending on the business need and model, the pros can outweigh the cons especially in the long term. Below are some situations of the advantages and disadvantages of external IT support providers.

More affordable services than hiring permanent IT personnel
Some tasks can be delegated to an external IT provider rather than hiring a permanent staff to do the task for the company. Some example of this is the maintenance and configuration of cloud storage or platform. The maintenance and configuration of cloud storage and platform can also be required to be part of an agreement with the cloud provider. Hence, it would be an integrated part of the service and would be part of the package, and in return can cost some saving on the part of the company.

The IT support provider will then send instructions and customized configuration to the local company, so that they would be able to have direct access and administration settings to the cloud storage or platform.

Possible security risk especially for confidential information
Although part of the agreement with the cloud storage provider is to protect the information of the local company, it is still possible that there might be some breach of security if an external personnel tries to steal information from the partnered company. This risk can be avoided by having several layers of protection, access and firewall, to be put into place for both the IT provider and the local company. This way, the information will be kept secured and there will not be any worries if the security is being breached. We could also employ audit mechanisms to check for integrity and if the information is kept safe and secured on the cloud platform.